Do’s & Don’ts of Proper Hair Extension Care

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You’ve decided to take the plunge and try hair extensions for a longer, thicker, or more voluminous look. Now that you’ve taken the first step, as with any new beauty service, you’ll want to learn proper at-home care and hair extension maintenance to make sure you get your money’s worth and can keep your new extensions looking fly for as long as possible. While you can definitely achieve your hair goals in just one appointment with a hair extension specialist, and skip waiting for your hair to grow out or wishing you were blessed with thicker hair, it’s important to make sure your extensions are properly maintained as they grow out. This starts with following your stylist’s advice and pre-booking follow-up appointments for hair extension aftercare to have your extensions professionally adjusted as your actual hair grows out.

Here are Beautster’s top do’s and don’ts of proper hair extension care. Trust us, it’s worth the read.

Washing hair extensions for the first time

Washing hair extensions for the first time
Washing hair extensions for the first time.  Image courtesy: Shutterstock

It would be a good idea to create a hair extension care routine by washing your hair extensions thoroughly while being sure to be as gentle as possible on the bonds, preferably twice a week. Never wash your hair with your head down, as this will pull and cause unnecessary tension. Your shower or the special sink at the salon are the best places to wash your extensions and use professional salon products recommended by your stylist as these products will extend the life of your extensions and leave them looking and feeling nice for much longer.

Dring Hair

Dring Hair
Dring Hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Avoid rubbing your hair dry into a towel. Instead, gently squeeze hair, then arrange damp sections and carefully brush them from the root and bonds, working your way down the hair shaft and towards the tips. The same applies to blow-drying your extensions – start from the roots and work your way down. It’s also a good idea to slightly blow-dry bonds before letting your hair air dry to avoid any bond slippage. 

Brushing And Combing Hair

Brushing And Combing Hair
Brushing And Combing Hair! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Similarly to washing your hair, when brushing or combing, it’s helpful to carefully arrange your extensions daily by placing your fingers between the bonds and the scalp and running a brush through your hair from the roots down. Ask your stylist for some tips and tricks – they’ll gladly show you some hair extension maintenance tips and tricks. If your hair is wet, wait until it’s damp before brushing and if you have wavy hair, only brush it after washing, since curls and waves may become frizzy if brushed too frequently. Instead, use a hair pick or your fingers during your daily hairstyling routine and dampen your real hair stands to scrunch up curls. If your natural hair is straight, it should be thoroughly but gently brushed each morning and night by holding the hair at the roots and brushing gently downwards without tugging, from tips to roots. Getting to know your hair type and its characteristics goes a long way in having a great hair extension care routine. 

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Water & Sports

Hair extensions don’t limit the types of sports and water activities you can enjoy, it just means proper hair extension aftercare. If you’re going into a pool or the ocean, your extensions will need special care afterward, including a shower to remove salt or chlorine. 


To prevent tangles, braid your hair in a loose braid before bed, and consider a silky pillowcase for less friction. 

Colouring & Perming Extensions

Colouring & Perming Extensions
Colouring & Perming Extensions! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Just like your natural hair, extensions can be color-treated and permed, but this should always be done by a  hair extension maintenance specialist to ensure your extensions last as long as possible and also to protect the integrity of the hair.


-Braid your hair into a loose braid to prevent tangles

create a hair extension maintenance routine
create a hair extension maintenance routine! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

-When blow-drying your hair, dry the extension bond first, as this will protect it and prevent slippage

-Ask Your stylist  to cut your extensions to seamlessly blend them into your natural hair

-Use brushes with soft bristles to minimize breakage 

-Create a hair extension maintenance routine, by Thoroughly brushing through your extensions twice a day, morning and night


Never use hair extension care products that contain alcohol
Never use hair extension care products that contain alcohol! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

-Never use hair extension care products that contain alcohol

-Do not brush extensions if you find knots or twists – gently separate them with your fingers first

-Never wash, brush, or dry your hair extensions with your head upside down – this will damage the bonds 
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