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Where to book the Best Laser Hair Removal Near You in Canada at a great price

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Since its introduction in 1996 and 1997, laser hair removal has grown in popularity among men and women. Advancements in Laser hair removal technology have made it more effective and efficient than ever before, and it is now a popular method of permanent hair removal with little to no side effects. The cost of laser hair removal has also decreased, allowing a broader customer base to benefit from the service. 

In this article, we explain the laser hair removal procedure and discuss the various factors influencing its cost. At the end of this article, you’ll find a list of the top laser hair removal salons and stylists in your area, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the finest care at the most affordable costs. 

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is widely regarded as one of the most effective methods of removing unwanted hair from the body. IPL, which stands for intense pulsed light, is a laser treatment for removing hair, wrinkles, spots, and unwelcome hair, that can all be remedied with this form of light therapy.

Hair removal lasers use light energy tuned to specific wavelengths to destroy the melanin pigment in the hair. The energy generates a substantial and rapid increase in temperature in the hair, which then travels down to the root of the hair and causes it to get detached.

Laser specialists can perform laser hair removal on virtually any part of the body; however, the most effective results are typically achieved on areas of the body that contain coarse hair. The bikini line, upper lip, chin, and sideburns all show excellent results, but some body parts will require maintenance treatments due to laser hair removal not working as well on fine hair. 

There are plenty of advantages to the entire procedure and laser hair removal is an excellent option for those who suffer from ingrown hairs on the face, neck, underarms, or bikini line. It softens and shrinks the follicles, preventing the hair tip from rubbing against the skin which results in tender bumps, dark spots, and scars. 

What to anticipate 

Two to six laser hair removal treatments are usually required to finalize the hair removal. The time between treatments will vary depending on the body part that you have lasered. Laser hair removal may be repeated in four to eight weeks on areas where hair grows quickly, such as the upper lip. In areas of slow hair growth, such as the back, the treatment may be repeated every 12 to 16 weeks. 

To protect your eyes from the laser beam, you will wear special goggles during each treatment. If necessary, an assistant may shave the area again. To alleviate any discomfort during treatment, the doctor may apply a topical anesthetic to your skin. 

Throughout the procedure

The doctor will project a hand-held laser device to your skin. Depending on the type of laser, a cooling device or a cool gel may be used to protect your skin and reduce the risk of side effects. 

When the doctor activates the laser, the laser beam passes through your skin to the hair follicles. The laser beam’s intense heat damages the hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth. You may experience pain as much as a warm pinprick, and a cold sensation from the cooling device or gel. 

A small area, such as the upper lip, may only require a few minutes of treatment. A larger area, such as the back, may take more than an hour.

Following the procedure 

Within the first few hours following laser hair removal, some patients experience redness and swelling. 

You can apply ice to the treated area to relieve any discomfort. Your doctor may try applying a steroid cream if you experience a skin reaction after laser hair removal to ease the affected area.

Avoid sunlight and tanning beds for six weeks after laser hair removal, between scheduled treatments, or as directed by your doctor. Every day, apply a broad-spectrum SPF30 sunscreen to take better care of your skin.


Side effect risks vary according to skin type, hair color, treatment plan, and pre- and post-treatment care adherence. Laser hair removal’s most common side effects are skin irritation, which causes temporary discomfort, redness and swelling, and pigment changes, which occur when laser hair removal darkens or lightens the affected skin. These changes could be temporary or permanent. Skin lightening is more likely in those who do not avoid sun exposure before or after treatment, as well as those with darker skin.

Laser hair removal can occasionally cause blistering, crusting, scarring, or other changes in skin texture. Also, there is a slight chance that your hair will turn gray after treatment, and some people with darker skin may experience an increase in hair growth around the treated areas. 

Due to the risk of severe eye injury, laser hair removal is not recommended for eyelids, brows, or surrounding areas. 

How long do laser hair removal treatments last? 

Years ago, you might have needed 10 or more sessions and maintenance treatments to keep your hair from growing back, but lasers have come a long way since then. Thanks to technological advancements, most people will be hairless after an initial round of laser hair removal treatments and minimal follow-up. 

Permanent results are possible, and many people require only periodic touch-ups. As it attacks the hair deep in the follicle, in-office lasering is the only treatment that comes close to making a full claim of permanent, long-lasting hair reduction, whereas other treatments cut the hair mid-shaft and offer temporary results compared to laser hair removal. 

Hormonal changes, such as those experienced during pregnancy, can on the other hand, result in new, unwanted hair growth. Don’t be shocked if you still find some hair after having a baby, even if you’ve had laser hair removal. 

How much does Laser Hair Removal in Toronto cost? 

Each laser hair removal treatment session can cost anywhere between $60CAD and $400CAD. The cost of each hair removal session may differ depending on the service provider. It may also vary depending on the area of the body where you want laser hair removal treatment. 

As many sessions are required for this treatment to work effectively and to stop hair growth, you can imagine how expensive it is. However, this is THE treatment to consider if you want smooth, hairless skin. Another perk is that you can say goodbye to razors and regular waxing appointments at the salon. 

When you consider how much time and money you can save by not going to the salon, you can see the long-term value of laser hair removal treatment. Furthermore, service providers frequently offer packages in which you can save money by purchasing multiple treatment sessions at once. There are also plenty of Groupon laser hair removal deals to consider before booking a service. So make sure to inquire about any special promotions to get the most bang for your buck with laser hair removal treatments. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is laser hair removal permanent?

Patients typically only need to return every four to six weeks for laser hair removal. When it is safe to proceed with another treatment, your dermatologist will advise you. Most patients experience some hair regrowth. If you want to continue seeing results from your laser treatments, your dermatologist can tell you when it is safe to do so.

  • Is laser hair removal safe?

When properly performed, laser hair removal is completely risk-free; however, it is possible for some patients to experience temporary discomfort or even redness from the laser light. Also, some people such as pregnant women or those with very fair skin, may find it not suitable for themselves. Laser hair removal does  not appear to increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

  • How much does laser hair removal cost?

The price of laser hair removal ranges from about $150 to $400 per session, depending on the area of the body being treated and the number of sessions necessary. Laser hair removal is not typically covered by health insurance because it is seen as a cosmetic process.

  • Does laser hair removal hurt?

Yes, laser hair removal is painful, but it is far less painful than other methods of hair removal, particularly waxing. People who have tried laser hair removal often compare it to the sensation of a snapping rubber band against the skin.

We attempted to cover everything you need to know about laser hair removal and the related details. We hope it helped you understand everything you needed to know about laser hair removal so you can make the best decision for the beauty and health of your skin. 

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