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Everything you need to know about Microblading!

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Long over are The days of skinny, tweezed, and narrow brows. Today, the trendy craze is about showcasing the most feathered, eye-catching, and Instagram-worthy arches.
There are so many different ways to make your eyebrows stand out. But it is safe to say that microblading is one of the most mainstream beauty treatments that has found its way to every beauty salon due to its popularity and effectiveness.

In this article, we explain the microblading process and its differences from other brow treatments such as tattooing your brows and talk about all the factors that determine its pricing. At the end, we bring you the best microblading salons and stylists around you to guarantee you get the best treatment for the best price!

What is microblading?

The semi-permanent solution to achieve natural-looking full eyebrows, microblading may actually be the hassle-free option that replaces hours of using brow pencils and other tools that result in uneven brows most of the time.
In the microblading process, The esthetician uses tiny blades to apply color pigments to the skin, resulting in finer, more delicate tattoo lines that look like natural hair, as this technique is more superficial and subtle. The microblades do not penetrate the skin as deep as other tattooing methods, making the ink more prone to fading. This makes microblading a semi-permanent solution that lasts for 18 months to 2 years at most.

This also means that touch-up sessions are necessary to prolong treatment.
Microblading does take some time to be perfected, but it brings you defined brows that look natural. The process itself may take a couple of hours, but your eyebrows will see instant results, appearing darker immediately after the treatment.

The difference between microblading and eyebrow tattooing

Microblading shares plenty of similarities with permanent tattoo makeup, but unlike tattooing, it does not penetrate deeper levels of the skin and will last for about 18 months.
The artificial look of microblading will appear more natural and finer than tattooing. Due to the usage of blades instead of electronic gadgets, more precise and subtle strokes are possible without any buzzing around your ears.

Microblading process

The process of microblading consists of a few steps. The first step is a consultation appointment where you meet with the aesthetician of your choice to discuss your concerns and be advised on the desired thickness, color, and shape of your eyebrows. You will also have to provide your medical history to ensure a healthy and risk-free procedure without any allergic reactions and rashes.

In the second session, once the aesthetician has a clear idea of your desired look, she tries to illustrate it by drawing the new look around your brows to reach a final decision. You can also ask for their advice on the optimal brow color that goes with your eye color and skin tone. Once you agree on the brow look, the specialist applies an anesthetic cream to numb the area of focus and has you sit for 30 minutes to allow your brows to be insensitive to the blades.

And then, microblading begins. The aesthetician starts using pen-like equipment with micro-needles at its tip to superficially scratch the skin, opening up the surface to have it filled with ink. This technique results in very fine, hair-like lines that imitate the shape of a natural brow hair. During the 2-hour treatment, The aesthetician includes small breaks in-between implementing the lines whenever you ask her.

You will finally have to revisit the salon in about 2 to 3 months when the area has fully healed, and the actual results have started showing themselves. This follow-up visit is highly recommended to allow you to touch up the little details and reach the perfect outcome.

The results of microblading will last between a year to a year and a half for most people, and sometimes even longer than that if you have dryer skin. The skin type is the main determining factor when it comes to the longevity of microblading. The oilier the skin, the sooner you need to have a top-up appointment, and the faster the effects fade.

Microblading Side Effects

The possibility of problems with microblading is rare when all health standards, specifically the ones related to the disinfection and sterilization of equipment, are taken into account. However, if these guidelines are not taken seriously or if the aesthetician is not licensed or experienced enough, there is a chance of going through several side effects. 

One of the most notable disadvantages is the allergic reactions which can be avoided by the testings during the consultation session. People rarely experience allergic reactions to organic pigments, but it can happen. So make sure to go through the color pigments used during the procedure and ensure their safety.

However, the most important thing to consider is the possibility of infection. As the needles penetrate the skin, there is a very serious chance of virus and bacterial transmission due to unsterile tools and equipment. So it is crucial to choose a microblading salon that commits to the highest possible safety procedures and uses disposable or sterilized skin penetration tools. There is no room to risk on a cheap treatment that may threaten your health. This is where an expensive but safe treatment will be worth it.

Microblading Prices

When it comes to microblading prices, various factors determine the total expenses. The microblading salon’s location, aesthetician’s experience, their popularity in the area, and their licenses and certificates will all play their part when it comes to the microblading costs. 

Microblading sessions can cost as low as $250 and raise about $2000 in a luxury salon, done by a celebrity stylist. But generally, they average at about $600 for receiving safe and desirable results. 

Usually, this price covers two visits to the microblading salon. The first one is the consultation and the microblading itself, and the second is a follow-up appointment about a couple of months after the initial treatment. After this touch-up session, you could say that the microblading is completed and the results are final. If you need additional touch-up sessions to perfect your brows even further or prolong the microblading effects, they can cost you about $100 dollars each. The longer it takes for you to revisit the microblading salon for the touch-ups, the higher their prices will be, as the eyebrows fade with time and more microblading is necessary to refill the brows. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does microblading last?

Microblading usually lasts from 12 to 18 months and can last longer on dryer skin types. The oilier the skin, the faster you will have to revisit your microblading salon.

  • Can microblading ruin my eyebrows?

If all the safety procedures are followed and microblading is performed expertly, you should not have to worry about anything. Most microblading cons are caused by unsterile tools and amateur cosmetologists.

  • Can microblading be removed?

Sure, microblading can be removed in various ways. The easiest removals can come from usual laser treatments. Due to the superficial nature of microblading, it can be removed relatively fast after a few laser appointments.

We tried to cover all you need to know about microblading and all the relative details. We hope it helped you understand all you needed to know about microblading to make a better decision for the future of your brows.

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