First Impressions & The Importance of an Image Gallery

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So you’re a successful, highly trained and experienced hairstylist with a loyal repeat clientele. Do your images represent your full range of talents? If you’re overlooking your portfolio and relying on positive word of mouth and referrals to help build and keep your clientele, keep reading.

Why is it so important to take great salon photos?

If you have a website, social accounts or promotional materials, you’ll definitely want to personalize them and what better way to create unique content than by including your own work and creative final touches? Sure, stock images, beautiful backgrounds and inspirational quotes are all nice to have, but nothing compares to your own work images featuring your lovely clients.

Platforms like Beautster were designed to help clients find the right Stylists based on their extensive gallery of high-quality images. This not only helps clients find a Stylist that is the best fit for them, but it also helps them quickly determine if a particular Stylist can actually help them achieve their perfect cut and colour. Since not all Stylists specialize in dimensional balayage or baby lights, and not all Stylists can expertly craft a pixie cut or edgy undercut, that’s where images come into play. Rather than waiting for clients to ask if you offer a certain service.

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Pay close attention to the images

why not post a variety of images showcasing your talents?

Photos are a great way to brand yourself and help your clients automatically recognize your work, so it’s important to consistently build on your skill set including showing off the latest trendy cuts and colours and recent classes you’ve completed. Clients love it, and it’s a great way to catch and keep their attention.

No one enjoys countless appointments spent trying to find the right Stylist, so start taking more high-quality photos and give your clients and potential clients the confidence that you can create a variety of looks. Customers also often don’t know what they want or need, but a great image can inspire them and take them from an indecisive shopper to a fully committed, loyal client who will inevitably spread positive word of mouth and refer others who complement or ask them where they got their hair done.

Whether you’re an independent Stylist working from a home-based salon or a Stylist working at an established salon, today’s cell phones and cameras can help you take amazing photos. Set-up a dedicated space to take artistic pictures or selfies, put up a stylish wallpaper background, or take your clients outside to capture their new look in natural sunlight! Share your images across all your social accounts and your website and invite your clients to Like, Comment and offer their feedback. You’re an artist, and art is meant to be shared.

Have fun and create!

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