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Why you should let your Clients Book Online

Allow online booking to customers
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Would you like to drastically improve your business while also providing added convenience to your clients? Offering online booking is an excellent tool to help you achieve improvements in your day-to-day business operations.

Allowing your customers, the convenience and flexibility of online booking will not only save you time, but it will also encourage your customers to book more often as they can easily select times that are most convenient for them.


  • Beautster’s extensive studies have shown that most clients prefer to book appointments after 5 pm
  • Online Booking allows clients to book with you 24/7, and this frees up your time, as you no longer have to answer phones all day or return missed calls
  • When no one is available to answer the phone, you are losing customers who chose to go somewhere else because they just can’t get through
  • Stop playing phone tag and get your customers to commit to an appointment with one simple click
  • Clients are able to select their preferred date, time and service and enter their payment information with just a few clicks
  • If a client must call and leave a message, there is no guarantee that they will still need your service by the time someone is free to call them back


  • Booking appointments using a physical appointment book is very time-consuming. Consider this: if you schedule 25 appointments per day and spend 5 minutes of your time booking each appointment that quickly adds up to 10 hours each week spent booking appointments – some of which might not even show up!
  • Instead, focus those 10 hours per week on business improvements
  • Reduce time-consuming back and forth conversations with your clients – allowing them to easily see which time slots are available and select a time and date that works best for them
  • You are human, and you are bound to make mistakes – an incorrect contact number or appointment date might be written down, which could affect your entire day
  • Why not let your clients enter their own details and choose an available appointment slot?
Online booking is a way to save your time and money
Booking an appointment using a physical appointment book is very time consuming.


  • Statistically, the Millennial generation hates talking on the phone
  • They are modern, and they prefer to shop, book flights and even seek medical consultations online
  • Millennials expect that they can also book a haircut online
  • While we understand that the rapid growth of technology can be intimidating, the truth is online booking software like Beautster is here to stay and here to make your life much easier
  • Show your clients that you are serious about growing your business and about creating excellent customer experiences they won’t soon forget


  • The best part of Online Booking is that you can still follow-up with a phone call if needed
  • Rather than waiting by the phone all day and worrying about missing calls from your clients, allowing them to book online means, you can give them a call when it’s convenient for you

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