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Modern Hair Salon Interior Design

Your hair salon design says more about you than anything else.
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You’ve spent countless hours training yourself in the art of hairdressing. Now it’s time to put that same effort into your salon space. You’re well aware that the hair and beauty industry places a large emphasis on appearance, meaning your salon space is also judged by its overall vibe and appearance. Plus, the massive popularity and influence of social media is an extra reason to make sure your salon space is modern, bright and photo ready.

Images of your salon space are selling opportunities you don’t want to miss out on. Stand-out with unique salon decor, pops of colour and a vibe that truly represents your brand. Whether you’re renovating a space or setting up a brand new salon, it’s important to put some thought into it. Get creative when it comes to wall art, shapes, textures and mirrors!

Keep reading for fresh salon interior design ideas.

Salon Decor

Your salon’s decor should reflect your personal tastes and styles as well as the type of clientele you’re looking to attract. If you’d like to cater to upscale clients, offer a salon space that reflects your high-end services. Install stone countertops, elegant light fixtures and grand mirrors. Make your salon a destination for all your clients’ hair and relaxation needs. Spending time and money in your salon space should be an experience your clients can’t wait to relive time and time again.

When you’re deciding how to design and decorate your salon space, pick a theme and salon furniture that compliments your overall vision. If your salon is downtown and your clients tend to be business professionals, consider going for a crisp and clean look with comfortable furniture, coffee brewing, magazines and newspapers. If you’re in a trendy neighbourhood, you might want to experiment with bright colours, funky furniture or even brightly coloured plants. Think about your ideal clientele, and decorate accordingly.


Colours also play a big role in a salon’s overall look. Choose a few main colours, but don’t overwhelm your space with too many colours or busy patterns and textures. Creating a custom colour at your local paint shop might also be a fun option. The right colours will give your salon individuality and be memorable. You want your clients to talk about how fun or relaxing your space is, and how much they can’t wait to sit in your chair again.

Millennial pink, which is a delicate blush tone, is a trending colour that isn’t going anywhere. It’s softness is super photogenic, social media ready and eye-catching. Plus, it can be either a sophisticated or fun colour depending what it’s paired with. It can be feminine, flirty, relaxing, soft and gentle all at once. Social media is loving this colour – it’s an instantly happy hue which pairs well with many other colours, patterns, metals and textures. Get creative, and put your own unique spin on this trendy colour.

The overall color scheme is white and pink tones with grey and black details. White feels clean and simple, and pops of pink brighten up the space. Pink is such a versatile colour. Pair it with metallics like gold or silver for a polished look.

Fabulous Florals

Beautiful floral design elements are sure to add an extra wow factor to your salon space. Whether you love the look and smell of real plants, or prefer high quality silk plants, florals are inviting and relaxing. Big and beautiful florals have become popular as part of social post backgrounds and as a centrepiece for a salon’s reception or waiting area. Stunning florals are a great talking point and will definitely be remembered by your customers.

Bright and Bold Design Elements

Individualize your salon by incorporating brights colours and bold designs including statement tiles, stripes or zig-zags, shapes and textures. Adding vibrancy to your space will help it stand out from the crowd.

Eco Friendly Interior Design Features

If you pride yourself on being eco-friendly, including stocking retail items that are all-natural or packaged in recyclable packaging, then it’s a great idea to incorporate your values into your salon space. Think big open windows to let in lots of natural light, plants, wood accents and creatively upcycled decor elements.

Modern and Trendy

A modern salon design should appeal to fashion-forward clients. The vibe can be cool and creative through the use of stainless steel, bright reds, greys and white. These elements should compliment each other – mix bright and bold with soft and soothing colours. Incorporate brightly coloured workstation carts against a light background, paired with comfortable salon chairs. Take design inspirations from neighbourhoods nearby and surrounding businesses.


Classic interior design draws inspirations from European art and culture. Greek, Victorian and Roman elements are incorporated to create modern yet classic spaces. Classic design details include a variety of textures, curved furniture, rich colours, dark finished wood and interesting accessories.

Small cozy beauty salon welcomes it, clients, with an elegant and luxury interior.

Glamorous and Grand

Grand or glamorous often means simple or even minimalist, paired with elegant details. Luxurious elements like floor to ceiling velvet curtains, beautiful chandeliers, sparkly countertops and interesting textures create a space that’s relaxing, inviting and alluring.

Creativity and Art

Art in your salon space can provide an instant colour palette. Artwork can also sometimes make or break the esthetics of a room. Consider things like bold colours or patterns, available wall space and your overall salon look and feel. You wouldn’t want your art pieces to be too small or too large – they’ll either drown in your space or be too overpowering.

Allow your artwork to tell a story, add spark to your space or help tie together various design elements. Choosing art can be overwhelming – take a good look at the colours within a piece of art, then think about furniture, accessories and draperies that would beautifully compliment it.

Small Salon Design Ideas

Avoid Clutter

Avoid a busy, distracting and cluttered salon space by decluttering all surfaces and incorporating furniture that offers storage space. A waiting room bench can also be a great space to store supplies, and side tables with drawers are handy for all your brushes, hair clips and more. If your space has large furniture pieces, consider moving them to the back of the salon.

Use paint to unify your space or camouflage exposed pipes. Choose art that isn’t too large for your space, and avoid huge and busy wall collages. Keep your windows simple – don’t use any window covering if your space is small. Finally, use mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space and to brighten it up.

Beauty salon features separate hair styling area and nail services zone, as well as a corner for the ladies to relax and have tea or coffee while waiting for their beauty session.

Retail Shelves

Retail display shelves are in a constant state of change and redesign. It’s important to keep your shelves updated on a weekly or monthly basis and especially during various holidays. Displaying your product inventory involves considering how to increase sales, how to maximize shelf space, draw clients’ attention and use colour.

Retail shelves that are eye-catching, with a variety of items to browse will be more likely to attract customers and sales. Consider creating visual interest through height – experiment displaying retail items by stacking them, building pyramids, colour-coordinating them or displaying tester products for your customers to smell and feel.

Salon Reception and Waiting Area

Since a salon’s reception and waiting areas are the first things a customer experiences, it’s important to design the space in a way that is welcoming and memorable. You want to make a great first impression. Clients often judge a salon based on their experience when they first walk in.

A small free-standing desk similar to a restaurant hostess desk might be a great option if you have limited space. This allows the receptionist to easily interact with customers, answer retail sales questions and be more approachable in general. Plus, it encourages an open and welcoming experience. Through the eyes of a customer, their overall salon experience begins and ends with the front reception area and also impacts their likelihood of shopping at your retail shelves. Think of your reception staff as the salon’s retail sales coordinator – they should be knowledgeable about the products and able to give high quality advice.

Selfie Space

Clients love taking selfies of their freshly done hair! Rather than taking a selfie in their car or when they get home, why not offer a fun selfie area? It’s quick and easy to set up, and a great way to help advertise your business. An area specifically designed for selfies encourages clients to pose for photos and tag your salon. Include a sign with your social media handle and hashtag, and set it up near natural light. If that’s not possible, a ring light is an excellent option and worth the investment. If your lighting is on point, client selfies will pop and really show off your work. Selfies are an excellent way to advertise your salon and spread positive word-of-mouth.

Salon Furniture

Every inch of your salon space counts – this includes salon furniture. A well-designed and effective salon layout means you’ll enjoy maximum flow. Your furniture should also match the vibe of your salon. Take into consideration things like fabrics, colours, wear and tear, functionality and replacement costs.

Barber Shop Design

Today’s modern barber shops are upscale, with beautiful equipment and furniture to match. As more and more male customers frequent barber shops, it’s important to provide shops that cater to their tastes and styles. When designing your shop, consider masculine, distinctive elements and a comfortable atmosphere. Also look into unique and functional furniture that your male clients will love to relax in.

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