3 Surprising Services you should Offer Men

Research has even found that most people begin developing gray or white hair before the age of 50.
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More than ever, men are seeking beauty and wellness treatments and if you aren’t marketing your services accordingly, you are missing out on a huge list of potential customers.

In a study conducted by the Globe and Mail, research results showed that a third of men admitted to considering themselves vain. The study also found that men tend to book beauty services before important meetings, and 14% of surveyed men say they get beauty services before a job interview.

If you aren’t sure which services men are interested in and you don’t think they are interested in highlight or brow shaping, here are some things to consider:

  • One in three men says they enjoy beauty treatments at least once per month to maintain their looks, compared to just one in four women!
  • Interestingly, one in ten men say they have had their underarms waxed, while 12% say they wax their back
  • In terms of tanning, 15% of the surveyed men have used a tanning bed, 16% booked a facial and 13% booked a manicure

TIP: Try renaming some of your services to appeal to Men. They are new to the beauty world and it might take some clever marketing to attract them. Here are the Top 3 Services you should Market to Men:


Typically, men embrace their silver strands of hair and they rarely book root touch-up services. To market to men, try offering a ‘Grey Blending’ service as a way to attract men to a polished look without completely getting rid of all their greys.

  • Display before/after photos of grey blending styles you think your male customers would like
  • Add ‘Grey Blending’ to your male service menu and offer one-time promotional pricing to encourage men to book your new service
  • Search for inspirations, and educate yourself on trending grey blending styles and techniques
  • Don’t be afraid to try on-trend hairstyles like undercuts, crew cuts or taper fades
Taking care of your hair doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.
men’s hair grows in places beyond just the head, such as the back of the neck, the sideburns, and even the ears.


While some men have been booking hand and foot treatments for years, others still view it as feminine and might shy away. While it can be hard to attract men, who have never tried it, sometimes a little rebranding may be all it takes.

A men’s salon in Portland has cleverly named men’s manicures ‘hand detailing’, which has drawn men to book this service and includes nail trimming, filing and buffing.

there is no real difference between male and female hair.
Healthy, luscious hair doesn’t discriminate.


Makeup is no longer just for women – grooms want to look just as good on their wedding day and groom makeup has become a growing service in the wedding industry.

Why not look your very best on your special day? Your professional photographer will be snapping photos all day long, so why wouldn’t you want flawless photos that will last a lifetime?

  • Makeup is merely a feature-enhancing tool used to minimize imperfections and help you look photo-ready
  • The bride will look immaculate and polished on her wedding day, so why not match her?
  • Red, blotchy skin, shine and under-eye circles are not what you want to be featured in your photos
  • The New York Post discovered that the most common services for groom include concealer touch-ups, HD translucent oil-free powder application, facials, lip treatments, and eyebrow grooming
  • If you already offer Bridal services, why not upsell and offer a discount on male makeup services?

Once you are ready to launch your new services, run a promotion and send out an e-mail marketing campaign to let your male clients know about your special offerings!

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