Want your Colour to Last Longer? Here are 4 things to do before your Hair Appointment

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So you’ve spent hours scouring Pinterest, searching through celebrity hair trends and scrolling through Instagram in search of the perfect hair inspo. Finally, you’ve found “the one” and decide to book an appointment. Before you get cozy in the Salon chair, there are a few things you can do to help your Stylist and make your appointment a bit smoother.

Here’s the scoop. Your Hairdresser wishes you knew how to properly take care of the crown you wear every day. Trade secrets like shower tactics, inspiration pictures and hair care products to name a few. Let’s take a look at Beautster’s top 4 tips for longer-lasting colour.

Patch Test Colour

If you have a sensitive scalp or sensitive skin that’s prone to allergies, consider stopping by the Salon before your scheduled appointment for a test patch. A small amount of product will be applied to your skin and if after 48-hours you don’t experience any reactions, you’ll know you’re good to go. This is done to make sure there are no sensitivities before committing to a full head of colour. Safety first, people.

Timing is Everything

A colour change, especially a drastic one can take time. If you’re planning to go from dark to light or vice versa, plan to spend some quality time at the Salon. Give your Stylist the time and respect they deserve by opening up enough time in your day for your appointment. Avoid making your Stylist feel like you’re in a rush – instead, sit back, relax and give them time to work their magic. Your lunch date or shopping with the girls will be much more fab once your mane has been perfectly tamed.

Skip the Shampoo

If your colour appointment is less than 24 hours away, avoid shampooing your hair. The reason? Dirtier hair has a natural oil layer on the scalp, which acts as a protective barrier against chemicals in hair dye. Washing your hair right before your colour appointment means you’ll be stripping away this added protection. Plus, once your fresh colour is applied and your hair and scalp expertly washed and massaged, you’ll enjoy shinier colour and that brand new fresh out of the Salon feel.

Get creative. Find some inspiration

Describing your dream hair colour isn’t always easy. Rather than struggling to find the right words and risking a colour disaster, bring in some examples. Better yet, use Beautster’s DM feature and send your Stylist a photo of your hair as well as your inspiration photo! This way, your Stylist will be able to give you a quote, discuss what is and isn’t possible given your current hair colour and discuss how many sessions it will take to achieve your desired transformation.

Pro Tip: Be realistic. Just because your favourite athlete or celebrity is sporting the perfect shade of pink, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to achieve it in one sitting. A Stylists main concern is the health and integrity of your hair, so be patient. Hair colour is a process.

Luckily, Beautster allows you to search through 100s of local portfolio photos and contact the Stylists directly. You can also book online anytime 24/7 and skip the hassle of booking over the phone.

You deserve the best – try Beautster for free today and start booking all your hair appointments smarter.

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