How to Get More Clients by Marketing to Men

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Men’s salon services is a market you should definitely be taking note of. More than ever, men are rapidly catching on to all sorts of self-care and maintenance services.

Interestingly, a recent review of online searches revealed that there are 6% more internet searches related to men’s hair than women’s hair! That’s a stat you don’t want to miss out on!

Here’s why

Although men typically spend less per appointment, they also tend to visit salons more frequently and over the course of 1 year, their total spent could amount to just as much or more than their counterparts.

Next, men are typically more loyal to a salon than women. In a study by Salon Today, it was discovered that on average men keep coming back to the same Stylist or Barber over a 7-year span. Also, if a male doesn’t like his haircut he will usually say so on the spot – only about 16% of men will keep quiet and go somewhere else next time.

Wondering how to reach male clients?

Everyone wants more clients, right? Here’s how to market to men so you don’t miss out on a growing pool of potential clients.

  • Don’t focus all your marketing efforts on women
  • Spread the word – remind your female clients that you also offer men’s services
  • Encourage your female clients to bring their boyfriends or husbands
  • Create an email marketing campaign and offer an incentive for every female that refers to a male customer
  • Offer male-focused specials for Father’s Day
  • Host an event for men and offer special discounts and giveaways
  • Update your portfolio, and include plenty of photos showcasing men’s cuts you have recently done
  • Display your men’s service menu – this allows men to feel included, and will generate interest
  • Sell male-specific retail products – nearly 50% of men use styling products in their hair, so don’t miss an opportunity to recommend a product they can use at home
Services for men
Show your services exclusively for men.

TIP: If men like a product, they tend to stick with it for a long time

Give your male clients an experience they won’t soon forget. Many men have seldom or never visited a salon and they might not be sure what to expect, so offer them a hot towel and a scalp massage and show them you are high-end and worth it. As an added bonus, offer men a free add-on the first few times and watch as they get used to the perk – they may even ask for it during their next appointment.

As mentioned, having a loyalty program can really attract your customers, so offer a loyalty program and sit back as your customers return again and again. Remember to lock in their next appointment while they are at the salon and get their email address so you can easily send them a loyalty program invites. Once you attract a male client, he will be yours for a long time.

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