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What are the benefits of hair smoothening?

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Beauty seekers have been using hair smoothening as the best choice all around for achieving straighter, sleeker, and shinier hair without having to sit at a salon chair for hours, go through harmful side effects and break the bank. That is mainly due to the vast hair smoothening benefits that beat other more damaging or less effective alternatives. 

hair smoothening benefits,  Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Inherently a chemical procedure, hair smoothening uses special creams and masks to relax the frizzy hair and dissolve the molecular bondings that make the hair curly without changing the hair’s natural structure and hair type. 

It is safe to say that hair smoothening acts as a middle ground between efficacy and harmlessness. In this article, we will discuss some of the hair smoothening benefits to find out why it is becoming one of the most popular and widely requested hair treatments for the frizzy-haired.

Hair Smoothening Benefits

It is easy to do

Hair Smoothening is easy to do
Hair Smoothening is easy to do. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

One of the main upsides of hair smoothening treatment is its simplicity and ease of use. Hair smoothening does not require special tools, and you can apply the materials to your hair with just your fingers. There is no complex application process either, so if the instructions are followed accurately, the hair smoothening can be done in the comfort of your house. This makes hair smoothening a fantastic choice for people who stick to social distancing more strictly and are not willing to sit in a salon for hours. 

It lasts long

Some people consider anything other than permanent hair straightening treatments a temporary solution for straighter hair, but people who have enjoyed hair smoothening benefits have other ideas. Hair smoothening is a long-term choice for your hair, and depending on your growth rate, hair type, and level of curl, it can last from 2 to 5 months. Of course, your aftercare also plays a vital role in maintaining your hair’s smoothness and makes a big difference in the total effective period of this treatment. However, the best part is that at any moment, whether you felt the sleekness fading or you saw the growth of new untouched hair, you can reapply the treatment easily and in a matter of hours. 

It doesn’t damage your hair as much

hair smoothening doesn't damage your hair as much
hair smoothening doesn’t damage your hair as much. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

As mentioned earlier, unlike hair straightening, hair smoothening does not permanently alter the molecular structure of the hair. So instead of dealing with hair that is much more prone to falling, getting split, and breakage, you will have hair that has been smoothed with much less intensity which leaves you with much less to worry about. Your hair will be free of the toxicity of the intense chemicals used in hair straightening methods such as Keratin treatment. You will be subjected to less ironing, heat, and stress, and you will not inhale the highly harmful toxins released in more extreme methods.

You can have your natural hair back

Hair smoothening does not change to hair type completely forever; it simply loses its effect over time and washes off in a matter of months. So the impact of your hair transformation is not irreversible. It will only be a matter of time until you can have your old hair back without having to wait for your hair to grow to cut the damaged hair off and regain your natural look. 

It looks real, not pin-straight

hair smoothening looks real
hair smoothening looks real. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

As the name suggests, permanent hair rebonding methods are made to permanently change your hair type as long as it is cut. To achieve this, they will apply very potent chemicals, which proves to be a bit of an overkill for your hair. This chemical potency usually results in hair that is SO straight that it looks a bit “unreal”. One of the hair smoothening benefits, on the other hand, is smoothening your hair with less harsh materials and tools, offering smoother hair that is subtly straight and looks more like naturally straight hair. 

It can be done on colored, relaxed, or bleached hair

colored, relaxed, or bleached hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Due to the reduced damages to the hair, hair smoothening can be done on hair that has already been subject to other possibly harmful treatments without breaking, burning, or falling. People who have gone through hair coloring, hair relaxation, or hair bleaching can enjoy hair smoothening benefits as much as others. However, it would be a good idea for such individuals to consult a hair smoothening specialist to determine if their hair has the capacity to undergo another treatment or maybe they should go through another path. 

The damage is temporary

Although hair smoothening materials do not consist of severe substances, they can be harmful to your hair roots, strands, and scalp, just like any other chemical treatment. We know that hair smoothening effects will not last forever on your hair, and the good news is the same temporariness applies to all possible damages and harms that go with them. After some months, with the smoothening effects starting to fade, your hair clears itself of any chemicals that may still be present in your scalp and finds its natural state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is smoothening good for hair?

Most hair treatments usually cost a lot of money and time to be applied, but mainly, the higher costs are the damages and side effects of changing the natural state of things. Hair smoothening is no different, despite being a relatively safe treatment compared to many other chemical alterations. The chemicals used to soften the frizzy hair bondings dissolve other natural protective layers of molecules along with the roots of the hair themselves. Generally, the hair will regenerate the lost nourishment and repair itself in a few months. 

However, the tricky part is that as people get used to the shiny, sleek, and straight feeling of their hair, they will be tempted to apply the magical components more often than before. So they will leave no room for the hair healing itself from the undertaken stress. So they usually have to deal with weaker hair that is more vulnerable to hair loss, scalp scratch, split hair ends, dandruff, and breakage. While these may seem minor and not be very intense, as you apply treatments repeatedly, they can affect your health and beauty in the long run. Being exposed to hair smoothening products, especially those formulated with formaldehyde, might make you feel dizzy and nauseous and bring you headaches and skin rashes.

Hair and health experts suggest the safe number of hair smoothening treatments for each customer is no more than three times a year. That would leave the hair enough time to replenish the nutrients and rebuild the broken parts. Hair smoothening is not just about getting rid of the curls to achieve softer and smoother hair. It is a commitment to look after hair by nourishing it more often and generally being more mindful about it. Many hair smoothening clients have reported following a more robust hair care routine to keep their hair shiny and beautiful. Also, in order to maintain the shine for more extended periods, aftercare products are advised by the beautician to take care of the hair in the following months to remove the need to go through many hair smoothening treatments in the first place. 

Q. Can hair smoothening damage hair?

The short answer is yes. Any chemical hair treatment can damage the hair. Damaged hair dries faster, loses its nutrients easier, is sensitive to environmental threats like UV rays from the sun, and is vulnerable to hair fall, breakage, hair splits, and most other side effects of weak hair. And then, there is the possibility of allergic reactions on your skin, scalp, and respiratory system. 

To tackle such problems, there are plenty of hair smoothening products and homemade remedies made with milder formulas to reshape the hair less intensely and pose a smaller threat to your health. Yes, they are not as effective and fast as the factory-made products, but they are healthy and more natural and can be applied many times a month. 

Q. Is smoothening of hair permanent?

Hair smoothening will not completely reshape the molecular structure of your hair, so NO, hair smoothening will not affect your hair permanently. Still, it has a relatively long effect which lasts from 2 to 5 months and washes away eventually. Plenty of variables influence the longevity of the hair smoothening benefits. Your hair type, whether you have fine hair with slight frizz or curly African hair, your hair growth rate, living environment, and hair care routine are some of the more notable factors determining the amount of effective timespan. Also, more natural and less chemical procedures often have a shorter smoothening effect and will not give you long-lasting outcomes of the other methods. 

Q. Does hair fall after smoothening?

The process of hair smoothening uses heat and chemicals to clear out the frizziness, which weakens the hair follicles and disconnects them from the scalp. This process is often known as, well, hair fall. When you apply any chemical treatment over and over again, you will expose your hair to the dissolution of natural hair molecules, weakening the hair strands and paving the hair for breakages of all sorts. It is necessary to keep in mind that a hair smoothing treatment may result in a reduction of hair density and volume, and it should not be repeated too many times in a short period as it may bring excessive thinning and breakage to your hair. 

Hair smoothening is an excellent choice for achieving softer and straighter hair while taking much fewer risks. If you decide to enjoy some of the hair smoothening benefits, Beautster offers a dedicated list of hair smoothening salons in your area that are ready to be booked in a matter of seconds. Check out the locations, go through the details of each service, compare the prices and book a seat right away!

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