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What will Happen if you Leave Hair Color in too Long?

Have professional hair color with professional hairdressers and hair color suitable for your skin.
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Have you ever wondered how you would look if you decided to change your hair drastically and dye it a completely different colour than what you’re used to?

So many people play this game.

Whether its to look good or to become a new version of ourselves, a new hair color and feeling your soft, silky, freshly colored tresses with all eyes on you… who wouldn’t love that?

As fun as it is to fantasize about appealing hair colors, you also need to be practical.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t go for a shade of pink, blue or green if your heart is set on it, but there is more to know than simply choosing a hair color and applying it to your hair.

One thing that you should know is that the texture and color you see on the box or on the silky samples your hairdresser shows you might not be how your hair will turn out.

Another thing that you should know is that while hair dye boxes do seem to make the process easy, they sometimes mix surprising ingredients in their products that you might need to think twice before using. There are other ways to get an exciting hair color without having to destroy your strands.

The answer is simple – professional hair dye applied by a trained professional.

What is Professional Hair Dye?

Professional hair dye comes in all colours and shades and can be used to color hair in a subtle or extreme fashion. It’s a great way to cover grey hair or to have some fun and enhance your current color. The possibilities are endless.

However, when using hair dye, you should be extremely careful especially of the timing. You wouldn’t want to leave the hair dye on for too long.

That’s why it’s best to leave it to the professionals rather than risking ruining your hair because you’re feeling a bit adventurous and looking to save a few bucks.

Perhaps you start binge-watching your favorite show or you get into an argument with your boyfriend over the phone and lose track of time.

Whatever your reason might be, don’t let it happen. Otherwise, you’ll soon find out what happens when you leave hair colour in for too long. It won’t be pretty.

Use a good hair color brand and a professional hairdresser to get professional hair color

How Long can you Leave Color in your Hair?

Most hair dyes must be left in the hair for a minimum of 30 minutes but not longer than 45 minutes.

Any decent hair dye requires 30 minutes for the peroxide and ammonia to work its way into the hair cuticles and change the hair’s natural pigment. The remaining 15 minutes are for the hair dye to develop fully and permeate the hair.

The reason hair dye shouldn’t be rinsed off before the 30 minute mark is because if you do, you’ll merely be wasting the product. You’ll likely end up with a color that is very different from what you were expecting. You might even end up with uneven color.

Make sure that the hair color stays on your hair for a long time.

Does Hair Dye get Darker the Longer you Leave it in?

In case you do leave hair dye on your hair for too long rather than rinsing it at the recommended time, you could end up with a hair color that is much darker than the color you were hoping for.

Even worse, your hair might end up brittle, over-processed and unnatural looking.

If dark hair color stays longer than the hair, it will cause darker

Why you Should never Leave Hair Dye in Overnight

Under no circumstances should you leave hair dye in overnight.

Most hair dyes usually have an effect for 45-60 minutes and then its effect wavers off. Leaving the dye on for a longer period of time will do nothing but leave a huge mess.

It will dry out, and you’ll have a tough time washing that stuff out of your hair. Not only that, but it will also give you dry hair and a dry scalp.

There’s a reason why every hair dye manufacturer provides a maximum time frame for their product. Always use the hair dye’s recommended time frame and leave it at that. It will do all that its meant to do.

Can Leaving Hair Dye on too Long make your Hair Fall out?

No, your hair will not fall out but it won’t be in great condition.

If you leave hair dye on for longer than recommended, it’ll cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.

Lastly, make sure you use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner after coloring your hair. It’ll help the colour last longer, remain vibrant and feel salon fresh.

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