Which Type of Flat Iron is Best for Curly Hair?

The best way to choose the best hair straightener
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If you’ve got curly hair and you’re planning to buy a hair straightener, you might be wondering: which flat iron is best for curly hair?

Look no further. We’ve done some digging.

This article will give you detailed insights into the straightener that’s perfect for you.

Are you in love with sleek, straight, perfect looking hair? Blow-drying alone won’t get you there. You’ll need a hair straightener, but not just any straightener. You will need to invest in a straightener designed for your specific hair type and texture.

So, if you have coarse, wavy, curly, or frizzy hair, girl you need to find a straightener that will best suit your hair and help you go sleek in minutes.
Here’s a detailed guide to help you choose a straightener designed to give your hair type the best and quickest results.

How to Pick the Perfect Straightener for You

It’s not easy to know where to get started. You’ll first need to look into various hair straightener features such as:

  • Temperature
  • Durability
  • Heat-time
  • Plate type
  • Consider which straightener suits your hair type and texture

Before you get into the many available options, you’ll need to decide if you want a straightener that is wet or dry and if you want one that’s easy to travel with.

Now let’s start looking at various options to help you decide which one is best for you.

Flat Iron Types Best for Curly Hair

Ceramic Flat Iron Straightener:

Ceramic flat iron straighteners have ceramic plates to ensure that heat is distributed evenly. At times, this type of iron comes as a combination of ceramic and ionic or ceramic and tourmaline.

If you’re wondering which flat iron is best for curly hair, you can surely pick these ones as they are best for wavy or slightly curly hair.

So, for those with frizzy hair or tight curls, a ceramic iron straightener can straighten your hair but it might not make it as smooth as you may really desire.

Also, you need to take extra care of it so that its ceramic coating does not peel off over time. A peeling coating will affect the straightener and its ability to give your hair the smooth effect you’re aiming for.

Tourmaline Flat Iron Straightener:

Their plates contain ground tourmaline dust and these types of straighteners produce negative ions upon heating.

They also require lower heat settings for straightening. They are great for damaged, fine, or colored hair and are highly recommended for chemically treated as well as brittle hair.

Titanium Flat Iron Straightener:

These flat iron straighteners provide similar benefits compared to tourmaline, but also offer more advantages.

They produce negative ions and don’t need as much heat as Tourmaline iron straighteners. They usually heat up within 10 seconds or even less.

They can end up costing you more than others due to these features. If you’re wondering which flat iron is best for curly hair, you need to know that these are great for all hair types, but they work best with coloured, brittle or damaged hair.

Ionic Flat Iron Straightener:

Made with Ionic technology, these straighteners trap moisture in your tresses, and ensure your hair has a glossy and silky feel and finish.

You can use these on all types of hair textures right from frizzy, curly, dry, coarse, curly, or even wavy hair.

Be aware that if you have fine hair, don’t heat straighteners too high as they can cause your hair to become flat and limp. Also, if you have brittle, or damaged hair, treat it gently and use the lowest temperature possible.

Wet to Dry Iron Straightener:

These straighteners are designed with a venting system that gives you the option to use them either on damp or wet hair.

So, if you’re always in a rush, they might be perfect for you! No need to dry your hair before using them.

These are perfect for wavy hair, but also good for frizzy, coarse, or curly hair. You’ll end up with somewhat straight hair, but it may not be as smooth as when you use a ceramic iron straightener.

You’ll need to further straighten your hair with a flat iron so that its free of any leftover frizz.

Now that you know which flat iron types are best for curly hair, consider investing in a few different ones for different situations.

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