Fact: Your Appointment Book is costing you Time and Money

You can not compete with companies that have long offered online booking.
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Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a simple way to save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year?

If you are still booking your appointments with pen and paper, you simply can’t compete with businesses who have long been offering Online Booking. Booking software not only helps you manage your schedule easily and efficiently, but it’s also an effortless tool meant to market your services and organize your entire business.

Here are the top 3 signs it’s time to ditch your appointment book and give Online Booking a try:

1- You’re Wasting Time on Small Tasks rather than Focusing on your Craft

Spending countless hours scheduling clients, follow-ups, cancellations, and dreaded no-shows are not only hurting your bottom line and wasting valuable time, but it’s also draining your energy and causing daily frustrations. Never mind the time spent on keeping up with client communications, returning missed calls, replying to e-mails or sending out special offers.

Your time is precious, so stop wasting it and focus on your craft.

Here’s an example. If you schedule 25 appointments per day, spending an average of five minutes booking each client, that adds up to 10 hours per week! Instead, software like Beautster allows you to take care of all your small tasks so you can get back to making money.

TIP: You don’t need to work 70 hours per week, and you don’t have to stretch yourself thin. It’s all about working smarter, not harder to grow your business. Don’t sacrifice your personal time and precious family time because you’re not willing to change with the times – let Beautster show you how you can get time back in your hands.

2- You’re not Building a Proper Client Database

We understand that you are accustomed to filling out your appointment book or desk calendar, and we also understand that sometimes change can be overwhelming. The fact is, you can scribble client phone numbers into your book, or you can let Beautster show you how to easily enter your client information, make edits, create mailing lists and organize each client’s important notes.

Beautster allows you to quickly locate each client’s information using a search bar – no more flipping through pages or misplacing it all together. Get back to spending quality time with your customers. Isn’t that why you are building a career in Beauty and Wellness?

Show your marketing efforts
You need to reconsider your marketing strategy.

3- Your Marketing Efforts aren’t showing Results

Are you having a hard time filling your seats? You may need to rethink your marketing strategy. Marketing is an expensive business expense, right? It doesn’t have to be.

With an online profile, marketing on Social Media can be simple and completely free. Instagram and Facebook are great places to start, and by posting photos of your work, your customers do the marketing for you by Liking, Sharing, and Commenting. That’s free exposure for you, and a chance to attract new customers

Next, to effectively market yourself online, you’ll need a custom URL. A custom URL is simply a link which sends customers directly to your booking page. In order to get a URL, you must be online bookable.

The best part about having an online profile is clients can do most of the marketing for you, as mentioned above. Clients love to share posts they like, so make it easy for them by having a shareable link.

Creating a referral program is yet another simple way to engage with your customers. Encourage your clients to post your link on their social media page after service, and offer them a special deal for successfully referring to a friend.

You simply can’t keep up with today’s digital world if you’re not flexible, adaptable and willing to listen to your customers. It’s time to take the leap and transition your business online.

Get rid of your appointment book to save you time, energy and money. Invest in Beautster’s salon management software today – we’ll help you every step of the way.

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