Why you Should be Collecting Important Client Information

Keep notes available and organized
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Your clients provide a wealth of information – why not use it to build your business? Keeping client notes about their lifestyle, preferences, and frustrations is advantageous for your marketing strategy, so why wouldn’t you make note of it? Gathering information like an e-mail address, birthday or color formula can significantly improve client loyalty, encourage re-bookings and increase spending per salon visit. Asking clients for information is an essential skill that becomes easier the more you practice.


  • Keeping organized, easily accessible notes ensures you remember important details before each appointment – clients will be thankful you remembered an allergy, and pleasantly surprised when you wish them a happy birthday
  • Sending clients special offers near their birthday means they can get pampered before a night out, and remembering their special day will strengthen your relationship – plus, who doesn’t love a deal on their birthday?
  • Make note of your conversations – an upcoming wedding or a vacation is a great conversation-starter during their next appointment
  • You see a lot of clients in your chair every week and you probably can’t remember every conversation, so let Beautster’s ‘Notes’ tool gives you a hand
  • Show your clients that you are listening and that they aren’t just another client – valued clients become loyal clients
  • Beautster’s ‘Client Notes’ feature allows you to stay organized, so you can quickly refer to them when needed.
The importance of customer feedback
Email special offers to customers


  • 90% of clients check their e-mail every day, and e-mail is one of the most efficient and efficient ways to communicate
  • If you have your client’s e-mail address, you’re able to easily send updates and special offers which can encourage clients to book with you
  • While Social Media posts can easily become lost in a sea of content, an e-mail goes directly to a personal Inbox
  • Beautster’s business management tools can easily keep track of your client’s behaviors during each marketing campaign, which can help you track trends and plan future marketing efforts accordingly
  • Easily track how many clients open each e-mail, how many clicks on the link and how many books an appointment
  • Armed with this useful information, you can make adjustments to see which campaign is most effective
  • Lastly, you are able to test the effectiveness of e-mail Subject Lines, promotions and the best days and times to send marketing e-mails

TIP: If you use Beautster for your business needs, clients must provide an e-mail address as part of the booking process – this saves you from having to ask for it!


  • Receiving an e-mail address is like receiving a gift – you need to earn it
  • Once earned, show your clients what you have to offer – provide exceptional customer service and reassure them that they’ve made the right choice by booking with you
  • Asking for additional information will be much easier once you’ve earned their trust
  • Don’t wait until the last moment to ask for an e-mail address – timing is important
  • Clients are often in a rush to leave once their appointment is over, and can easily brush your questions aside
  • Once you see that your client is happy with their service, ask for some information before finishing final touches


  • If your client doesn’t want to provide an e-mail address, politely explain why they should provide it, highlighting how they will benefit
  • Let them know you’ll be offering occasional discounts, contests, sending announcements and sharing last-minute availabilities
  • Make them feel like they’ll miss out on great deals offered exclusively through e-mail


  • Rather than asking for hand-written e-mail addresses, use Beautster to keep your notes organized and easy to read
  • Click on the ‘Plus Button’, select ‘Client’ and hand your phone to your client – the less you ask for, the more they are likely to provide

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