Are Existing Clients as Important as New Clients?

Methods of attracting new customers
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One of the most common questions asked by beauty and wellness professionals is:

How do I get more clients?

To address this, let’s take a look at 2 simple steps to strengthening your relationship with clients.

First, let’s address another common question:

How do I keep clients coming back?

Although acquiring new clients is a valuable part of growing your business, this is another important yet commonly overlooked question.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the process of acquiring a new client can cost 5 to 7 times more than the cost of retaining current customers! In fact, 80 percent of your future revenue is likely to come from 20 percent of your existing clients.

Therefore, focusing your efforts on taking small but effective steps aimed at establishing trust and respect can be very impactful on customer retention. Improving communication with your clients and offering them incentives are simple yet effective ways to help strengthen your relationships. Experiment with both of these tactics by running an e-mail marketing campaign on a regular basis and keep communications with your clients fresh in their minds.

The importance of attracting new customers

Here are 2 effective steps to help to establish trust and respect:

1. Stay in Touch

Everyone is busy and your clients are also busy people – booking a haircut, getting their nails done, or getting a message is not always top of mind, even if they are due for their next appointment.

Keep in touch by sending your clients scheduled email reminders aimed at triggering thoughts like: “Maybe it has been a while since I colored my hair,” or “Maybe I do deserve a massage after a long work week.”

Beautster’s e-mail marketing tool makes it simple for clients to click through their email directly, and more importantly, make an appointment on the spot.

Even more important, send customized email reminders to show your clients that you’ve been keeping track of their appointments and you know they could use another visit to your salon or spa. This also shows clients how important they are to you, and keeps you fresh in their mind.

Stay in touch with your new and old customers periodically

2. Provide Incentives

Give your clients an extra reason to rebook with you by running a promotion. This helps foster client loyalty and creates excitement about your brand. This is especially effective on special occasions like the Christmas holidays, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

TIP: If you’re launching a promotion, send your clients an e-mail a few days before the promotion goes live so they know about your special offer in advance. Give your clients plenty of time to book your special so they’re not caught off-guard.

Let Beautster help you set up your first email marketing campaign.

The key to successful client interactions is to continuously experiment with various marketing techniques. Staying in touch and providing incentives are just a few ways you can strengthen your relationship with existing clients.

Get creative, see what works for your salon and take action.

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