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Get Clients to spend more Money with the right Salon Playlist!

Don’t overlook your salon’s ambiance
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Interestingly, clients are more likely to spend more if the ambiance is just right and if the playlist is conducive to the environment. Also, if clients feel relaxed, the likelihood that they will make more expensive purchases also increases.

Don’t overlook your salon’s ambiance as it greatly affects the client experience – proper music and the right vibe, coupled with a relaxed experience often results in increased sales.


  • Classical music opposed to pop hits has also shown to increase expensive purchases because genres that the mind perceives as being sophisticated makes customers assume a business is high-end.
  • Keep in mind, however, that while classical music may suit a salon with an older clientele, it might detract a younger crowd. If your salon is young and hip, customize your playlist for the type of clients you would like to attract.


  • While you should let your personality shine when interacting with your clients, when it comes to your playlist, your clients should be your primary influencers.

Here are some clues: 

How do your clients dress? Are they older or young? Are they chic and avant-garde or minimalist and classic?

  • Observe your clientele and gather some useful information about their taste and style. Tip: Why not ask your clients what they would like to hear throughout the day?
  • You could take a poll, ask for song requests or talk about what’s on their current playlist. Build the perfect salon playlist and watch as your clients have fun, relax and spend more.
Minimal style beauty salon
Pay attention to the customer’s taste and desire


  • Still not sure where to start? Check out Spotify for some inspiration. There are numerous salon playlists to browse through to create your own list of perfect picks. Consider this: a few years ago, Redken launched their own channel and playlist on Spotify to help build up their brand and salon vibe. They sought to attract a young crowd and even tailored their music choices to tie in with certain products and events. We think that’s pretty clever – their playlist doubled as a marketing tool!


  • It’s easy to get lost in the fun of planning your perfect playlist, but don’t forget about proper licenses.
  • In Canada, whether you are playing your favorite Cd’s or hiring a Live Band, you are responsible for obtaining a SOCAN music license. The fee you pay for this license is collected and distributed to music creators such as songwriters, composers, lyricists, and composers. This ensures that copyright laws aren’t infringed and that you have access to music from around the world.
  • There are penalties for failing to obtain proper licenses, so use SOCAN’s license finder, do some research and save yourself the hassle of hefty fines.

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